Olympic Games


  • Last Olympics  :-  Beijing, China 2008
  • Which country won the most Medals  :-  USA   110
  • How many did GB win  :-  47
  • Favourite Event  :-  Wrestling
  • Played On  :- Circular Mat
  • How many in each match  :- 2


What is wrestling played on? circular mat.

Who can take part? men and women

Has Great Britain won an olympic medal for wrestling? YES in 1984 Noel Loban won a bronze medal.

Who won the gold medal in the last olympics? Arlur Taymozov

What country does Arlur Taymozov wrestler for? Uzbekistan


callum and the magical wall

One day a boy called Callum was tired fro running at school. So he took a rest a lent on the wall. Accidentally he travelled back in time. Back to ancient Greece. It looked very different from home. An old man thought Callum was to take part in the Olympics. The old man said “hurry the race is gonna start”. Callum got ready to start. “GO”! A man shouted. Callum was disqualified for wearing clothes. He thought he didn’t want to do it but he did. He came 5th. After the race Callum tried to find the exit to the future. He thought lent on the wall. WWHOOOSSH! And of he went. The end.

100 word challenge. By Kieran.Class 4

My half term

My half term started with a sleepover at my nan and grandads house. I had lots of fun. On Sunday i went to Callums house and played on the PS3. On Tuesday i went to the cinema and took Callum too. We went to watch Men In Black 3 and had a KFC. Thursday was my best day. We went to Cleethorpes to pleasure island. I went on nearly all the rides. My favourite was Alakazam. I had to lay down on my front. It whizzed around high up in the air. I went upside down and round and round. We watched the sea lion show and African warrior dancers. The African warrior dancers looked very dangerous. But was brilliant. There were baby swans near the cafe. The Mother was pecking at its reflection in the windows. On Friday i had my hair cut. FINALLY!

Holiday Homework

Please post your holiday homework as a comment on this post or login and write your own post!

Your homework is to write a short story of at least 100 words about a year 4 child who travels back in time to Ancient Greece.

I look forward to reading all your stories! Enjoy your half term class 4!

See you soon

Miss Williams

Class 4 are survivors!


We survived! After being thrown in to the wilderness (school field) on Monday, class 4 and 6 had to work together to complete numerous activities to survive the day outdoors. Luckily they all did a fantastic job! The children built amazing dens which were tested for their design, wind resistance and how water proof they were. They then completed a treasure hunt and made delicious pizzas on a wood fire!

We had fantastic weather and a brilliant day!

Well done to all the children and the staff involved in the day!

Survivor on PhotoPeach

Sports Relief Mile

Class 4 did a fantastic job raising money and doing their bit for charity! On Friday for Sports Relief Class 4, along with the rest of Norbridge, ran or walked a mile around our school grounds. Well done to everyone for their part in the mile!

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Foods of the Rainforest

Class 4 have spent this half term exploring the rainforest of Brazil. Recently we have explored the rainforest through our senses and tasted different food that are native from that region. The children all had chance to try foods such as Lemons, Kiwi, Mango, Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Coffee and Passion Fruit! Some of these fruits the children loved and some not so much. Many children did not enjoy the dark chocolate as it was too bitter for their taste buds. A surprise favourite was Coconut!

Well done!

Foods of the Rainforest on PhotoPeach


The first time we went swimming i couldnt swim on my front but i kept practicing and now i can.I cant swim on my back but i keep trying and trying and trying.when we change in the changing room hannah and chloe r are always the first ones ready. when we are in the pool we have to get paired up with a partner i got paired up with rose or choem.